We are passionnate about innovation and technologies

The Story of SPARC Industries

One goal: We aspire perpetual revolution of in-space transportation by breakthrough technologies, inspired by radical ideas. ​ ​
Our story starts at another company where we developed plasma technologies the old way, costly and slow. Fed up with no real solution at hand to speed up the process we decided to create our own product to do solve exactly that.
SPARC Industries Sarl started to become operational beginning 2018. In the next years we worked hard to create our foundational flagship software with a Product launch in mid 2022.

Meet our team

Dr.-Ing. Dejan Petkow

Chief Executive Officer

Sander Rouwette
Chief Business Officer
Sawssen Chibani
Software Developer
Anant Chandra
Research Engineer
Brice Mockel
Research Engineer
Fa Zhu
Technical Lead
Dr. Raphael Schmit
Research Engineer
Dr. Rabab Bouziane
Software Developer
Dr. Ullrich Siems
Senior Research Engineer

What is next?

“We boost the heartbeat of space technology innovation to inspire people to have dreams much bigger than today.”

Dr.-Ing. Dejan Petkow