Faster evaluate VSTRAP-supported research proposals

Less time spent writing proposals at the same success rate.

Getting results that you and the proposal reviewer can trust is important. That’s why in VSTRAP we created a confidence report analysing the validity of the solvers that were used in the software. The report can be added to your proposal showing that the results of the simulation are valid.

Increased quality of publications

Running simulations in VSTRAP allows easy sensitivity analysis by parameter variation. In addition, the confidence report can be added to show that the results are valid and that the simulation were run with correct operation parameters.

See other use cases

Our product reduces your initial development stages early on, allowing you to reach market faster.
Speed-up your your research proposal content generation by using VSTRAP generated simulation results with respective credibility proof. This automatically increases your success chances. This also applies to your scientific publications.
Create enriched and trusted plume data to bring added value for your customers, and competitivity to the market. Or identify faster than your competitors new designs and design improvements to reach new performance requirements.
Having VSTRAP in your facility portfolio allows you to offer acceleration services for start-up EP space companies. Creating a more attractive package compared to other incubators for those companies.
Perform full scale simulations of your EP equipped CubeSats inside of vacuum test facilities to explore what to expect in terms of backflux, and how it scales towards orbital conditions. Make this a cost-effective part of your EP choice in case of critical payloads.
Test research ideas early in the process to evaluate their quality. Support your research propositions by backing them with VSTRAP’s confidence reports.