Industrial Engineering Internship

We develop a high fidelity plasma simulation software tailored to the needs of electric propulsion market with a product release in 2022. Learn more about our story and what we’re building here.

Our team is composed of physicists, mathematicians, space and propulsion engineers, software engineers, and computer scientists. We welcome talented people from all backgrounds to work with us in our Luxembourg office. Come join us!

What we do

Our story starts at another company where we developed plasma technologies the old way, costly and slow. Fed up with no real solution at hand to speed up the process we decided to create our own product to do solve exactly that.

SPARC Industries Sarl started to become operational beginning 2018. In the next years we worked hard to create our foundational flagship software with a Product launch in mid 2022.

Who are we looking for

Our main product VSTRAP is currently in its beta version. We’re currently exploring new ways people can integrate our product in their workflow. For this we’re looking for an industrial engineer intern to aid our team.

  • Are you currently pursuing a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering?
  • And are you looking for a master thesis project?
  • Want to have an impact on new business opportunities in a space company?
  • Want to solve complex customer-oriented use problems for a software product designed to change the way products are engineered?
  • Create new product lines and distribution channels?

If yes, then an internship at SPARC Industries is something for you! Apply via the button below.

The benefits of working with us

Have an impact

• Real responsibility, chance to try many things

• High level professional environment, many opportunities to learn, exciting projects

• Your job is not your only task, you can be part of constantly revolutionizing in-space transportation!

Be part of "new Space"

• Create products that steer the new space market for years to come!

• Change the way other work by creating products that allow them to accelerate their development.

• Top-up your value proposition by being at the forefront of the new space wave and by becoming ready for the transition to space 4.0.

Being challenged every day

• Solve complex problems at the edge of technology

• Work in a multi-cultural environment dealing with international customers

• Learn and explore other disciplines to invent solutions that take the best of many worlds.

• Learn and fail. Get up and go again. Repeat until you arrive.

What can you expect from our application process

Apply by sending us your CV and a cover letter for the position of interest. We’ll review your application and contact you soon after to clarify the next steps.