What is VSTRAP?

VSTRAP is a revolutionary product that re-invents plasma simulation for the purpose of electric propulsion engineering resulting into reduction of cost-, time-, and risk-to-market for novel EP developments as well as allowing you to create enhanced plume data set demanded by satellite manufacturers. Ultimately it will increase your competitivity and resilience against the rapidly changing conditions of the New Space market.

Key Features


VSTRAP comes as a hardware and software combination, pre-installed, pre-configured and burn tested. Simply receive the package, unpack and plug it in. Start the software and simply create your simulation by modifying any of the pre-set base configurations the same day as you received it.

Automated Thruster Design Search

After setting up your reference thruster configuration and specifying performance acceptance metrics, e.g. thrust, you only need to decide which parameters shall be varied within which bounds… VSTRAP does the rest and provides designs fulfilling your performance metrics.

Enrich Plume Data

After running the simulation, get advanced plume date from the software as extra data to your electric propulsion device, giving more value to your product.

Other Key Product Features include:

Gridded Ion Thruster base configuration in 3D
Hall Effect Thruster base configuration in 2D3V
Customizable gas only simulation setup in 3D
Customizable plasma simulation setup in 3D
Graphical User Interface to setup a simulation fast
Range of plasma wall interactions
Thoroughly verified and validated
Pre-installed and burn tested

Key metrics

core dedicated applications technologies and growing
0 +
verification test cases and counting
Industrial production environment to ensure what works today works tomorrow

Validated propulsion technologies

Hall Effect Thrusters

Gridded Ion Optics

VSTRAP impact on your business success

Create Data as a supplement to your product so your customers can better integrate your product.
Have faster design cycles by setting up many different simulations and execute them parallel
Gain Key insights in the behavior of your device that experiments cannot give