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Our team has in-depth knowledge of plasma physics at low pressures with a track record in successful prototype development and testing of novel satellite propulsion technologies. We can help you adopt best practices to reduce risks and costs. By understanding your problem and combining our knowledge we get the technical answers that your business needs to stay competitive in today’s new space environment

Plasma Engineering

Our in-house developed simulation software, VSTRAP, allows us to give precise and simple answers to your complex questions

We can help you solve your weakest link in your plasma applications by utilizing our core expertise. Using our in-house developed software you can get precise answers to why bottlenecks, such as instabilities, happen. Find counter measures and optimize the performance of your system or even open up new application processes all together. We start with your requirements and deliver a tailor-made solution.

EP Plasma Simulations & Consultancy

Everything that you can do with VSTRAP, we can do as well.

if you need additional flexibility or plasma simulation expertise overnight then this is the preferred way to go. We can do training, ad hoc computational analyses and code/feature and feature extensions if required to fulfill your business needs.

Predicting low pressure flow behavior

Plasmas are created from low pressure gases, making our expertise and tools also equally applicable to predicting the low pressure flow profiles in your application.

We can help you remove the weakest link in your low pressure applications. Compared to other codes VSTRAP has a significantly higher degree of predictability. Using our Expertise and in-housed developed software you can get precise answers to the questions that improve your product. Optimizing the performance of your system or opening up new application processes.

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