Computational plasma engineering of Gridded Ion Engines with VSTRAP-GIE

Plasma engineering software built to design, simulate, and optimize satellite propulsion engines.

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Broad and fast design exploration campaigns reducing cost to market and time to revenue: Choose design parameters you would like to vary and their variation space, including geometry, material, propellant, surface properties, and environmental conditions – VSTRAP will automatically setup and execute all simulations for the number of variations you specify.

Mitigate supply chain risks by replacing majority of experimental design exploration campaigns: Assess supply chain risk mitigation via variation of geometry, materials, and volume properties. Order parts for prototype assembly and testing once you have identified your preferred design specifications that fulfill your requirements (incl. lifetime).

Explore performance improvements with minimal modifications of existing products: Only vary parameters which will minimize re-qualification burden.

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Easy to learn: VSTRAP’s GUI was designed to minimize learning time thanks to its intuitive operation and provided default parameters. Free onboarding and a user manual complete the package. You become productive in no time.

Easy to use: No need to become expert in plasma physics, software development, applied mathematics, and high-performance computation. Smart algorithms running in the background ensure maximum performance and numerical stability. You can focus entirely on your product.

Easy from end to end: From Chabert’s discharge model generating inflow conditions for the gridded ion optics, to automated beamlet simulations and ion beam construction, over to automated plume simulations – VSTRAP maintains its ease of use at any stage of your thruster.

Key features

3D3V hybrid plasma model for gridded ion optics simulation
2-gridded and 3-gridded ion optics base designs
Xenon, Argon and Krypton propellants included
3D3V hybrid plume modelling
Automated steady-state detection
Automated beam construction for plume simulations
Automated & flexible parameter variation

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Industrial production environment to ensure what works today works tomorrow

Key Features


VSTRAP comes as a hardware and software combination, pre-installed, pre-configured and burn tested. Simply receive the package, unpack and plug it in. Start the software and simply create your simulation by modifying any of the pre-set base configurations the same day as you received it.

Automated Thruster Design Search

After setting up your reference thruster configuration and specifying performance acceptance metrics, e.g. thrust, you only need to decide which parameters shall be varied within which bounds… VSTRAP does the rest and provides designs fulfilling your performance metrics.

Enrich Plume Data

After running the simulation, get advanced plume date from the software as extra data to your electric propulsion device, giving more value to your product.