Advance your plasma application R & D processes with our turn-key simulation solution

We build a unique plasma silmulation software for the electric propulsion industry to help you achieveing reduction of cost-, time-, and risk-to-market for novel EP developments

Who we are

SPARC Industries is developing a high fidelity plasma simulation software tailored to the needs of electric propulsion market with a product release in 2022.

Our product

Reduce your time to market with our plug & play solution

It’s time to re-invent plasma engineering

Until today there are no easy to use, off-the-shelf solutions on the market dedicated to Electric Propulsion engineering. Consequently, and, in comparison with large engineering industries like automotive, experimental engineering work and computational plasma flow analysis are domains that are largely decoupled from each other and with very little mutual support resulting in long development cycles

That is why we developped VSTRAP

VSTRAP is a revolutionary product that re-invents plasma simulation for the purpose of electric propulsion engineering resulting into reduction of cost-, time-, and risk-to-market for novel EP developments as well as allowing you to create enhanced plume data sets which EP developers can provide to their customers. Ultimately it will increase their competitivity and resilience against the rapidly changing conditions of the New Space market.

...all based on our six core software pillars:


Each simulation is automatically accompanied by a confidence report displaying the major contributing factors to the interpretability of the results. Knowing what is behind plausible simulation results gives them value, the user confidence, and the tool credibility


is getting your simulations in timely fashion. By looking at hardware, software, and application we can tailor the product to your needs allowing you to move forward as fast as possible.

Ease of use

by running simulations the same day as our product arrives. “Base configurations” make design variations easy and automated numerical stability controls take away the burden to become modelling expert. Instead, the user can focus on its EP development.


we achieve by using industrial s/w quality and development standards that minimize the cost per fixed bug and allows for high feature update frequencies.


Specifically we address hall effect thrusters and gridded ion optics. Other electric propulsion devices can be considered and if necessary the complete modular platform allows to make extensions such that the software works for the required application.


In the future all engineering will be done with a digital twin, we have prepared VSTRAP in such a way that it can be seemingly incorporated in the workflow you have today and need tomorrow.

See how VSTRAP adds Value to your business


Our product reduces your initial development stages early on, allowing you to reach market faster.


Speed-up your your research proposal content generation by using VSTRAP generated simulation results with respective credibility proof. This automatically increases your success chances. This also applies to your scientific publications.

EP Developers

Create enriched and trusted plume data to bring added value for your customers, and competitivity to the market. Or identify faster than your competitors new designs and design improvements to reach new performance requirements.

Satellite integrators

VSTRAP allows you to create rich plume data improving your confidence in your Satellite charging studies reducing the necessary design margins

Cubesat Manufacturers

Perform full scale simulations of your EP equipped CubeSats inside of vacuum test facilities to explore what to expect in terms of backflux, and how it scales towards orbital conditions. Make this a cost-effective part of your EP choice in case of critical payloads.

Researching Space Agencies

Test research ideas early in the process to evaluate their quality. Support your research propositions by backing them with VSTRAP’s confidence reports.

Funding agencies

Faster evaluate VSTRAP-supported research proposals

Tailor-made solutions

EP & Plasma based Product development support

Our team has in-depth knowledge of model-based software & systems engineering. We can help you adopt best practices to reduce risks and costs. By understanding your problem and combining our knowledge we get the technical answers that your business needs to stay competitive in today’s new space environment

Service includes

Plasma Engineering
Rarefied Gas flow simulations
Multi-Physics Software Development

Latest news

VSTRAP is still in so-called Beta testing mode, we need your feedback!

We are proud to announce that our Electric Propulsion plasma simulation and performance optimization tool VSTRAP can be accessed as of today via Dockerhub! …..

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