VSTRAP 1.0 Release! (02/06/22)

Meet VSTRAP 1.0 our first product! Version 1.0 has the following major features: 3D Electrostatic solver both fully kinetic & hybrid (Boltzmann relation) 3D DSMC for gas simulations 3D Applications to-go: Dual grid ion optics (single aperture) Plasma Sheath Noble gas plasma chemistry for Xe, Kr Electron induced SEE Ion induced SEE Multiple erosion models, […]

VSTRAP is still in so-called Beta testing mode, we need your feedback!

We are proud to announce that our Electric Propulsion plasma simulation and performance optimization tool VSTRAP can be accessed as of today via Dockerhub! As VSTRAP is still in so-called Beta testing mode, registered users can comfortably download, install, and explore the coming standard of computational electric propulsion engineering. We are inviting you to participate […]