VSTRAP 1.0 Release! (02/06/22)

Meet VSTRAP 1.0 our first product!

Version 1.0 has the following major features:

  • 3D Electrostatic solver both fully kinetic & hybrid (Boltzmann relation)
  • 3D DSMC for gas simulations
  • 3D Applications to-go:
    • Dual grid ion optics (single aperture)
    • Plasma Sheath
  • Noble gas plasma chemistry for Xe, Kr
  • Electron induced SEE
  • Ion induced SEE
  • Multiple erosion models, e.g., Yamamura
  • Material data base
  • Thermionic electron emission
  • GPU acceleration
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Internal post-processing capabilities
  • Automated stability control
  • Plasma Calculator
  • …and many more

We highly recommend to book a free Live demo for detailed insights.

VSTRAP is a constantly growing simulation tool with a constantly growing user base. Novel features, performance improvements, extended data sets, additional EP applications, etc.

Feel free to contact us, we are eager to innovate solutions that simplify your life.